SAEPS has focused on thematic work that integrates all disciplines in a continuous flow of elements, where one element forms the starting point for the next.

When a TOPIC is chosen e.g. “Traffic Safety” the class can create and share ideas and together create a MIND MAP concerning the many different thematic approaches to the topic. It is essential to get the attention of the students and motivate them to think about and elaborate on exciting and relevant themes. At last the class agrees on a THEME for the learning process in art and the student drafts his/her MOTIF.

Piloting art teachers have documented that weekly lessons of 35 minutes, each with its own aims and objectives, can successfully be linked together by an overall theme.

SAEPS supports the art teachers to arrange flexible and integrated art processes within topics relevant for students at different ages. Flexible thematic processes make room for children with different learning styles. The student can take a sequential or holistic learning approach adjusted to their own interests.