The competence of Communication and Evaluation

The cultural development project SAEPS emphasizes the importance of letting the art students discuss and evaluate all activities in class. Continuously the teacher and the students must discuss the value of what is being done, the purpose of it, and how to use it. When a process is finished the students and the teacher must evaluate the quality of what has been done and if the outcome has been beneficial.

In the end of a process the art teacher should ask the students:

  • Whom do we want to communicate with?”
  • Who is going to see our art works?
  • Can we collect our art works and stories into a book?
  • Can we make an exhibition?
  • Can we make an oral, dramatic and/or visual presentation?

In the evaluation of the process the art teacher engage the students by asking:

  • What goals did we have and did we reach them?
  • Can our evaluation lead us to our next process?
  • What do we want to investigate and learn more about?

Art education has different logistic facilities in Vietnamese schools. Nevertheless art teachers create a culture at their different schools, where students’ art works are exhibited. In the beginning it might be on a string. Gradually better exhibition facilities are established.