3. The competence of Expression

The cultural development project SAEPS has developed art processes that inspire the student to explore his/her own capacity to express and experience the joy of producing independent expressions

In art education there are no precise or limited answers or solutions, and the art teacher must facilitate the process by taking action on questions such as:

  • Will I inspire the students to work from memory, imagination and /or observation? Why?
  • Will a new approach to e.g. drawing stimulate the student’s ability to concentrate and observe?
  • Will I introduce modified drawing? At what grades?
  • Will I challenge the students by drawing quick sketches of movement?
  • Can music stimulate a painting process?
  • How can I inspire students to select his/her image with focus on e.g. favorite part, colors, or topic?
  • How do I guide – and not judge?
  • Can I by arranging art works on display half way in the process inspire students and set focus for next step?
  • How do I continuously support and challenge each student’s own personal expressions?