1. The competence of Experience

The cultural development project SAEPS is based on the experience that the student develops a special interest while working with a self-experienced topic.            To support the reflection and choice of a relevant topic/theme, the teacher can reflect upon questions as:

  • Which experiences from the students’ lives are relevant to work with? Why?
  • What topic/theme is relevant for this specific grade/class?
  • Will I introduce music and drama, arrange a field trip, or invite a visitor relevant to the theme? (Direct experiences)
  • Will I prepare books and pictures on the topic? (Indirect experiences)
  • What pictures from our surrounding world can be brought in to
    • Differentiate the chosen topic/theme (differentiate experiences)?
    • Inspire the practical work (differentiate production)?

SAEPS has focused on a thematic approach that integrates all disciplines in a continuous flow of elements, where one element forms the starting point for the next.


The national curriculum reflects that children gradually expand their world of experiences. Topics according to learners’ natural interest and development are introduced e.g.

Grade 1: Myself, my home and my family.
Grade 2: My way to school, my school, my class and my teacher
Grade 3: My favorite animal, toy, holiday and sport
Grade 4: Nature, landscape and environment
Grade 5: Transportation, traffic safety and design

the competence of Experience circle