This material has been introduced to primary school art teachers for inspiration and further development.

The described processes are not relevant to “copy” directly into art education in primary schools. The art teacher must adjust and reflect on issues according to his/her class and questions such as:

  • Will I let my class work in 2, 3 and/or 4 dimensions?
  • What media do I want to present and implement? Drawing, painting, cutting, assembling, or modeling?
  • What kind of material is naturally available in our surroundings?
  • How many different kinds of media and sorts of materials should be included in one process? Why?
  • Which formal areas of the language of art will be in focus? Lines, shapes, colors, proportions, light, etc.

SAEPS has encouraged Vietnamese art teacher to reflect upon the objectives and the outcome of each element in order to create meaningful and relevant teaching for the students. The teacher’s reflections must be based on the national curriculum as well as on didactic theories.