Support to Art Education in Primary Schools” – SAEPS – is a Cultural Development Program between Vietnam and Denmark 2006-2010 to support the implementation of art education, which was included in primary school curriculum from 2002. The outcome was presented at a National Seminar 2010. The program was extended 2011-2015.


Through aesthetic learning students process and transform experiences and impressions from real life into symbolic expressions, whereby they create meaning and understanding.

Students stimulate their imagination and their creative and innovative competences. They develop self-confidence and cooperative competences.


AEPS has arranged aesthetic learning art processes, where each student gets the possibility to investigate, express, and reflect upon their experiences, feelings, ideas, and statements.

A core art project team has conducted in-service training workshops, supported and documented the piloting.


The teaching material DAY HOC MI THUÂT is developed and edited based on feed-back from piloting students and their art teachers as well as the management and DOETs in the piloting provinces. The editorial team has followed the recommendations from 4 researchers and the project Management Board.

DAY HOC MI THUÂT is distributed to all Primary Schools in Vietnam.


In 2014-15 SAEPS was assigned to design a suggested frame and content of a new curriculum for Art Education in Vietnam. The work has been based on experiences from the current curriculum, experiences from piloting, feed-back from SAEPS researchers, and study of international curricula. The draft is accessible below and readers are invited to give comments for further improvements.


Several districts in piloting provinces established supportive networks among the involved art teachers. These reflective practitioners share experiences, removed obstacles, and developed new ways to go when planning Aesthetic learning art processes. This open knowledge sharing has now extended to Facebook.

Find inspiration and help among your colleagues nationwide and worldwide.